The Band

Man in white derby hat with reddish beard and sunglasses standing in front of a vine

Billy - Reverend G

The 'Reverend G,' Graham Edwards, has slung his axe in Bay Area bands for the past 20 years. He is fueled by a deep passion for blues and classic rock, Graham aims to bring Billy's razor sharp riffs and greaZZy Texas swagger to the stage and beyond.

Man in black hat with sunglasses standing in front of a vine

Dusty - James Marshall Berry

James Marshall Berry has been  a performing musician in the North Bay for over 45 years, and has taken on the role of "Dusty JMB" handing bass and vocal duties in the act. From the first time he heard La Grange and saw that Mexican feast on the inner album cover, he was hooked. Live Fandango took it over the edge. He's no Mexican Blackbird but it's been said you can hear him on the X.

JMB uses exclusively

Headshot of man in sunglasses standing in front of a vine

Frank - Bill Nelson

For years, Bill has asked the age old question, “can I be Frank with you?” Well, now he IS Frank - with you and everyone around him! Bill is a North Bay Area native and has been playing drums/percussion since he was a little tyke. His main genres include Rock, Pop, and Country. Frankly speaking, Bill brings a solid and tasteful groove to every song; and while you may come for the blues, you’ll surely wanna stay for the shuffles.